Ben Dooley*
is a writer and architectural designer in New York City. He just edited See/Saw 2: Difference. He is currently making maps about architecture.

*wrong Ben Dooley?
No hard feelings.

For the songs:

For the New York Times journalist:

For the Austrailian wedding venue:

For the street:

For the Boise State Broncos offensive lineman:

For the Clean Stove consultant:

For the motivational speaker:

For the other street:

For the first inpatient at the Manchester Royal Infirmary in 1790:

For the audiobook narrator:

For the road to the closed goat dairy farm named Berry Mountain farm:

For the licensed architect in Atlanta:

For the rock climber...

For the police deputy in Evil Ways by Bobby Nash, a “real go getter in Tommy’s eyes”:

For the official one who wants 1,000 followers:

For the undefeated MMA fighter: